AMP Mate (Revised)

Go hands free! Perfect for large quantities of brass and leaves you able to work on other tasks. The AMP MATE sits on top of the annealer with and connects to it via the USB cable. 

Note: Not suitable for BR/BRA cases due to their short length and depth of insertion requirements into Pilot #10.  

We recommend using Redding EZ Feed shell holders as they have a flat base which prevents cases tipping forward when being fed due to the lack of a primer relief slot.


  • Comfortably feeds cases from 300 Blackout to 338 Lapua Magnum
  • No assembly required apart from setting up the feed mechanism 
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Quick to set up and change calibers (With practice of course)
  • Parts are fully user accessible/replaceable and spares are available. (Coming soon) 
  • Designed to interface with Dillon or Hornady Case hoppers with a suitable stand
  • Auto cut out when empty with alarm chime when the cycle is stopped
  • Built to last. Our units in house have done hundreds of thousands of cycles without the need for parts to be replaced. 

In the box:

  • 1x AMP MATE Revised
  • 3x shell guides (Large, Medium and small)
  • 2x feed tubes (Large, Medium)
  • Allen key set 
  • Power supply
  • USB Cable

For information on the new "Revised" edition please see here

* Dillon case feeder, stand, annealer and shell holder not included. To purchase a stand as shown please see here.

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